What The Heck Can ImBlaze Do For My School During Social Distancing?

During the last 6 weeks, most everything we took for granted about what educating young people looks like has changed. One of the biggest advantages of using ImBlaze is that it makes no preconceptions about what an 'internship' is. What we believe is that every student has a fundamental right to powerful learning experiences, life changing mentors, and the skills and agency to direct themselves in this. With that said, here are some ways you can adapt ImBlaze to support students towards those ends during this time. The New 'Mentors' are Families and Parents While students are, for the most part, isolated from access to worksites and the mentors that work there, the prevalence of unemployment

ImBlaze Monthly Newsletter: March 2020

Welcome to the ImBlaze monthly newsletter. Every month we’ll be updating you on the latest updates and improvements, and checking in with Co-founder and Director of Technology David Berg and lead engineer Soumya Basil. March 2020 turned all of our worlds upside down. For this issue of the newsletter, we'll be putting our interviews with David and Soumya first (humans first), and product updates at the bottom. Let’s get into it. Monthly Check In With David Berg Hey David, thanks for doing this again. This is a preface that feels somehow more tired and more important with each day that goes by but ... it's been a pretty big month for everybody. With schools closed nationwide, what's the thing



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