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Apple Maps for iOS: Everything you need to know!

Whether you need directions or are lost, the Apple Maps app on your iPhone can help. It should be on your phone the same time with scanner app download. Official map apps can help you find the exact location you're looking for a restaurant, a friend's house, or an airport. You can get directions to all these places including by car, walking and public transportation. A newly added feature also displays indoor maps of facilities such as airports.

Using Apple Maps

If you want to know how to do anything with the Maps app, check out the definitive guide. It covers the range of things you can do with the app, from viewing and sharing your location to filing bug reports.

What's new in Apple Maps?

Please look. I cover the range of things you can do with the app, from viewing and sharing your location to submitting bug reports. These driving directions will help you find the nearest train, bus, ferry, or other public transport and route to reach your destination as efficiently as possible.

Transit directions

Maps offers transit directions to an ever-expanding list of cities across the world. These directions allow you to find trains, buses, ferries, and other means of mass transit near you, and which routes will most efficiently get you to your destination.

Airport Navigation

The airport is huge and filled with multiple gates, dining halls, and baggage claim areas. Apple has a solution to this navigation nightmare, and a recent addition is an indoor airport map with completely useless routes. With built-in mapping tools, you can report various issues to Apple directly from within the app.


Problems crop up with every piece of software, but for Maps, that could mean everything from a bad turn-by-turn instruction to being given a completely nonsensical route. With Maps' built-in tools, you can report a variety of problems to Apple directly in the app.

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