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Fall 2018 Product Updates

We are humming along with product improvements for ImBlaze. Here are a few of them:

Summary of Hours

Students, Teachers, Internship Coordinators (and soon Mentors) can all see a summary of the hours that a student has logged for an internship for the week, the month, and the entire internship.

Break Time

Students can now log their break time when the check out of their internship at the end of the day. This time is deducted from their total time.

Create your own reports.

Teachers and Internship Coordinators can now download their own spreadsheet daily attendance reports. (Though we are still happy to create custom weekly reports for you! Let us know if you need 'em.)


We have (finally!) gotten our Help links working. There are great resources within the help links including, an FAQ section, a video library and a direct link to email our support line. Oh yeah... don't forget the Workflow Diagram pdf to share in your classrooms.

On the horizon....

We are hard at work on some great new functionality for our winter release, including:

  • Dynamic Questions that you can ask students, teachers and mentors during the internship setup, end and daily attendance.

  • Analytics Page

  • Improved visibility of mentor feedback when shared with student


If you happen to be heading to iNACOL in Nashville at the end of October, reach out to us to meet.

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