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Summer 2019 Product Updates

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

We have LOTS big changes in ImBlaze as you role into another school year.

Approve and Start!

We know that sometimes life is faster than tech. With ImBlaze, Internship Coordinators can now send a requested opportunity straight to Start Pending or even start the internship. There is no reason that we should slow down kids getting out into the real world!

Clone Opportunities

It is now just a click of a button to copy an internship, it can include the same mentor and business, or be paired with a different mentor or business.

Assign Multiple Opportunities to the Same Mentor or Organization

it is now fast and easy to create new internships that use the same business or mentor information.

CTE Clusters

You can now organize your internships by any CTE Cluster or any other grouping. This is not for student view, but rather for you to be able to have reporting that shows how your internships are grouped or how much attendance is being logged.

More to Come......

We are always making ImBlaze better. As always, please feel to email us ( with ideas about how we can improve.

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