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Kids working in the real world

ImBlaze helps schools and programs manage their
real-world learning.

Making it easy for educators to run their
internship program.

ImBlaze is an internship management system that enables schools and organizations to manage their real-world learning programs. With ImBlaze’s web platform and mobile app, schools can curate a database of opportunities, monitor the student’s search process, track attendance, ensure compliance, and follow the student’s experience to ensure engagement and high outcomes.
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Manage a database of learning opportunities throughout your community.

Your community has a diverse network of professionals and real-world learning opportunities. The trick has been how to easily collect and manage that network. ImBlaze enables schools to manage thousands of internship opportunities.

 The impact that ImBlaze enables at Nashville Big Picture High School.

Engaging students

ImBlaze provides a way for students to find the opportunities they are interested in. Student interest then drives better outcomes for students, mentors and schools.


Students search your database of opportunities. If they don't find any that align to their interest, they can submit suggested opportunities - leveraging their own social capital.



Students can add opportunities to their wish list or request to pursue them. If the experience coordinator feels that it’s a good fit, they can approve the student’s request.



If the opportunity is a good match, students request to start an internship or project. Educators can approve the student’s request and complete the setup process, including setting goals and a schedule.


The student then attends the internship and can log attendance and set daily goals. Meanwhile, the mentor confirms daily attendance which the school monitors. Weekly summary reports are available.


What people say

ImBlaze is a powerful support in data keeping, organizational protocols, and student tracking.

Maribeth Tabanera
Internship Coordinator
Seven Oaks Met School

ImBlaze helps us make sure that we are keeping the process stress-free for our amazing mentors

Emma Brassard
School Counselor at Leominster Center for Excellence

ImBlaze is a powerful mobile platform that connects learners who are interested in real-world internships with mentors in their communities. 

Kelly Young
Executive Director
Education Reimagined
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