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ImBlaze is a powerful platform that enables schools to curate a set of internships for students to request to pursue. 

ImBlaze and Big Picture Learning

ImBlaze is a platform from Big Picture Learning. With over 25 years of experience building student interest-driven internship programs at schools around the world, we are so much more than just an EdTech product. We have an incredible coaching team that is ready to design the professional development and training needed for your school to build and sustain an incredible real world learning program.

ImBlaze helps kids get out into the real world!

ImBlaze has the largest dataset of student real-world learning experiences.

Meet our team

wilson headshot.jpg

Wilson Platt

Product Manager

A former BPL School Design Coach for many years in the Pacific Northwest, Wilson brings his dedication to student voice and experience, his knowledge of school design, and his excitement for what could be to our digital team in service of product improvements and support. Wilson loves to brainstorm, to turn a problem on its head, and most of all, to share in the joy and success of the people around him.


Soumya Basil

Lead Engineer

Soumya is a seasoned engineer with over 10 years of experience designing, developing and implementing software solutions. As Lead Engineer, she brings her passion for technology, collaboration and critical thinking to execute and deliver applications that support BPL's initiatives. Soumya has been involved with ImBlaze since its early stages and embraces the team's 
continuous drive for innovation to elevate the product.  


David Berg

Director of Digital Innovation
ImBlaze Co-Creator

A key component of David's work has been developing ImBlaze. David was also the Learning Through Interest Coordinator for a cutting-edge new BPL school in Issaquah, WA. Gibson Ek High School bridges the gap between work-based learning and a cutting-edge Maker/prototyping space on campus.


Lexi Ortiz

Digital Success Manager

Lexi Ortiz is a Digital Success Manager for Big Picture Learning. Lexi is an Alumni of the Met Sacramento High School Class of 2012. She received her Bachelor's Degree from Western Washington University in Bellingham, WA. She has a deep passion in community building and amplifying voices through education, which she found while interning at the local school district during college.


Andrew Frishman

Co-Executive Director
ImBlaze Co-Creator

Andrew joined the First Big Picture Learning School, "The Met" in Providence, RI as an Advisor (Teacher), working with a 9th grade advisory group through to their graduation in 2006. He moved to the Met Sacramento High School, worked with its first graduating class, and became the school’s first “Learning Through Internship Coordinator.” Andrew has assisted with the expansion of the Big Picture Network in a variety of capacities, including co-developing ImBlaze; he's committed to helping create systems, structures, and technologies that enable young people to experience the transformative power of interest-driven real-world learning.

Our partners

ImBlaze is made possible thanks to the generous support of our partners. 
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