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Unlimited support.

One mission: to support student outcomes through access and experience to high quality real-world learning opportunities.

What we're about

Let’s cut to the chase: as a mission-driven non-profit, we're here to support outcomes for young people, not for dollars. And when it comes to training and support, for years we’ve struggled to hit the sweet spot between 'affordable enough to support all programs' (our mission) and 'capturing revenue for our work.'


We’ve tried the usual approaches. Implementation ‘packages’ that felt too expensive or too inflexible. Then we thought that an a la carte menu was the right approach, but we found that at the end of the day, our team was going to do whatever a program needed in order to be successful - which meant we didn’t dutifully adhere to the contracted amount. We also found that programs trying to predict what they would need via a la carte was difficult for them and for us. All of that has led us to the following approach.

Every program that contracts with ImBlaze gets Unlimited Product Support for just $350. This includes all the email support, bulk uploads and updates of students and opportunities, customized reporting, and check-ins you need to keep your program running smoothly.


Additionally, you can purchase a year of Unlimited ImBlaze Virtual Trainings for $2,250.


We also offer in-person training - and it can be transformative. But because of the cost of air travel and lodging, we can’t offer unlimited in person training, so these are billed a la carte.

Implementation. We customize – and adapt – to you.

Implementing any new platform at your program can be difficult. Unpredictable schedules (raise your hand if one of your colleagues has unexpectedly been absent the day of a training before), staff turnover, the occasional crisis that must be dealt with, and the ever-shifting landscape of delivering quality education to young people means a one-size fits all model fits… nobody. So, we customize – and adapt – to you.

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Co-design an implementation approach.

Maybe this means a pilot with 10 students who solely use the attendance feature, until you’re ready to roll out to all 100 students to search your database and begin to make requests. Or, perhaps, your program is completely new, and needs to start by making connections. We’ll put you in touch with the resources to get structures in place off-app, in order to best utilize ImBlaze.

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Prepare your database.

Including any pre-ImBlaze introduction activities that would benefit your program, or bulk uploading opportunities, students, and staff. 

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Train your team.

We provide direct training, or empower you with the resources you need to provide the training yourselves. You're now ready to launch!

Post implementation support

The ImBlaze team meets internally every Monday to review all of our 100+ programs and review who needs what right now. The result is we’re always ready to try whatever you need next to best support, re-launch, and/or improve your program.


We also offer annual data review sessions, so that you have the time – and information – you need to reflect on your program and make decisions to drive improvement.

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