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ImBlaze highlighted as a tool for a new vision of teaching

To Reimagine the Future of Education, Innovation Isn’t Enough — We Need Inventions for an Entirely New Vision of Teaching and Learning

Innovations, like online learning platforms that let students navigate classwork at their own pace, are designed to make the current educational system more efficient. Inventions, by contrast, support an entirely new vision for education, transcending the boundaries of the school day and building. They allow students to learn anywhere and at any time, accessing a new ecosystem of flexible, hands-on and inquiry-based educational opportunities.

At its core, this requires a fundamental shift in thinking: Learning can’t be done to kids; it must be done by and with kids.

One example of this way of thinking is ImBlaze, a powerful mobile platform that connects learners who are interested in real-world internships with mentors in their communities. In the process, they establish relevant workforce opportunities that not only benefit the employer but also build students’ social capital and reinforce the professional skill sets our young people are hoping to develop.


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