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Enabling all students to have mentors in the real world.

Everyone agrees that student interest is important and that students should get connected with mentors that share student interests. Up until now, the logistics of enabling students to leave school to learn, have been daunting.

No longer.


ImBlaze is a powerful platform that enables schools to curate a set of internships for students to request to pursue. Schools can monitor the search process, track internship attendance and ensure compliance, and ensure student success. 


Wherever, Whenever

Students search for internships that align to their interests. They can "Request to Pursue" interesting opportunities. If approved by an Internship Coordinator, the student works to secure the internship. Students can also suggest potential internships which helps a school authentically build their database.

iternship search


Turn School into a Dynamic Networking Space

Developing a robust network of internship opportunities can be hard. ImBlaze makes it easy for schools to leverage the networking power of the school, by enlisting students in the process of suggesting potential internships and sharing published opportunities with their peers. 


iOS and Android Student Apps

Students can easily search for internships and log attendance on any iOS or Android device. As students check in, their location is confirmed via their device GPS and attendance is verified with the internship mentor.

internship student mobile
internship sugges and share


Full Suite of Online Training for Teachers

ImBlaze eases the logistical and system challenges of running an interest-driven internship program. Our online learning platform trains staff in running an engaging internship program at your school.

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