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Take it to the Next Level

Over the years we’ve found that ImBlaze usually has one champion in every school (that’s probably you! Thank you!). But whether ImBlaze thrives or dies at the school has little to do with how persuasive, hardworking, or brilliant the champion is, and far more to do with the // structure of the program and the support of administration. In 2023-24 we’re excited to share with you a few opportunities to access some of the other services our parent non-profit (Big Picture Learning) has to offer that can help move the needle in these important areas. These services, such as Communities of Practice, Flagship School Site Visits, and on-the-ground programmatic coaching, are tried and true methods Big Picture Learning has been offering for over 25 years to help schools improve, grow, and redesign real world learning programs. We believe in the outcomes these programs can drive, so we want to sweeten the pot a little. If you add any of these services to your ImBlaze contract, you’ll automatically get 10% off your license cost for the next year (and a soft, ImBlaze or BPL t-shirt, your choice). Without further adieu, here are the packages.

Interested? Click here.

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