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Release Update: April 2024

April 17:

Request expiration will now show up as a notification in the student home page notifications

Advisor alerts for missing check-outs will now be shown only 30 min past the scheduled check-out time. Previously it always used to show for the scheduled day irrespective of the time.

Validation introduced in Log a moment to not allow future dates.

Schedule will also be shown in the attendance tab against rows that have a missing check-in. 

In the opp. wizard, mentor step , mentor search will return records based on the school/region and based on the selected org. Previously, there used to be an additional check that required them to be a mentor to an existing internship. 

Bug fix with custom answer display to show the answers based on what was entered irrespective of the current qn. configuration.

Deprecated Archive flag on the Internship object. This was replaced by the Archived opp. status in the new portal.

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