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ImBlaze School 2024 Awards!

After a few years dominated by virtual internships, pauses in real world learning, and/or figuring it out by any means necessary, we’re happy to report that 2023-24 was the biggest year yet for RWL on ImBlaze. As such we wanted to give some recognition to programs doing great things. From small alternative schools to large public district programs, these following folks DID SOMETHING. Without further adieu…

  • Most Moments Recorded –

    • The whole student learning journey is more than just the collection of hours spent at their internship, it is all the big and little moments it took to get there. This year we introduced the ability to track RWL Moments in ImBlaze and one school really made all those moments count. Congratulations to:

  • Most Days –

    • One of the reasons we do these is to highlight that there isn’t just one way to do RWL. Some of the programs listed below are school year, others are summer. Some have students going twice a week for over 5 hours a day, and others are the last period of school. Congratulations to:

  • Most hours per day

    • There’s breadth, and then there’s depth. Practice is where the learning happens, and in order to practice you need time. And the belief, organization, and commitment it takes to give students this time is significant. The following schools should be applauded for the depth of their student experiences as measured by the average number of hours students recorded per day. Congratulations to:

  • Most Opportunities Added

    • It’s hard work to build a network of opportunities for students. This school added the most opportunities of any others in ImBlaze!

  • Most Student Requests

    • At ImBlaze we believe that student voice is paramount to success when it comes to quality experiences. But taking into account the voices and interests of others isn’t something that just happens, it’s something you have to prioritize, something you have to work to include. One program rose above the rest when it came to student requests in ImBlaze. Congratulations to...

  • Most Suggestions

    • The other major part of student voice in ImBlaze is the ability for students to make suggestions on companies and mentors the school should partner with. These are programs that ask students to tap into and value their own social capital, do their own research, and advocate above and beyond for themselves, all while contributing to the schools database that will last years after they leave. You can't do this work well alone. The following schools should be commended for converting the most student suggestions into opportunities in ImBlaze.

Thank you to ALL of our schools for the time, hard work, passion and support poured into your programs and more importantly, your students.

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