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ImBlaze Updates October 2023

Hello IC's! It's been about two months since we released ImBlaze 2.0. While we've been hard at work fixing new bugs and issues that have been popping up, we've also been listening to your feedback and have instituted a few early improvements, with a few more to come.

What was released today

#1: Students Page Update: We heard loud and clear that there are a variety of situations where one educator needs to see the students associated with another. Most commonly, this is principals or admin needing to see all students, but it also comes up when advisors cover for each other. Advisors and Coordinators accounts can now filter for other advisor's and other coordinator's students on the Students Main Page. Note: you may need to log out and back in to see this properly

#2: Student Experiences Summary Update: While the new student experiences page is exciting, users reported a need for students and staff to have a more specific view. You can now filter your experience summary for All Time, This Year (July 1 - June 30), or Custom Dates.

Coming down the pipeline:

- Advisor Attendance Alerts: We'll be adjusting the way Advisor attendance alerts work, so that they only show the last 7 days. This will stop it from getting overwhelming, and will also handle some technical issues we've run into around resolve an alert for a missing attendance entry. You will still see attendance issues, regardless of when they happened, on their appropriate date in your attendance tab and in the students attendance history. This will only effect the advisor attendance alerts sub tab. ETA Late 2023

- Ending Experiences: We'll be adding the ability for advisors and coordinators to 'end an experience' in the same 3 dot menu where they can start experiences. No more need to go to the Opportunities tab and change the status if you want to end an experience early. Students will still be able to request to end. ETA Late 2023

- Mobile App Updates: We'll be updating the student + educator mobile apps to align with some of the features that came out this summer. ETA Early 2024

...And more!

As always, we appreciate your feedback and all the work you do!


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