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What’s New in ImBlaze?

Happy 2023! We have been making exciting changes to ImBlaze. Some of you may have attended one of our What’s New Webinars, caught up with us at one of BPL’s conferences, or have noticed some of the changes that have been made while using it this year.

Here are some great new updates:

Quick editing and multi-cloning for Internship Coordinators

  • Updated internship coordinator’s opportunity tab so you can now drag and drop pictures, update status quicker, and view drafts on the opportunities tab.

  • Filter through opportunities faster.

  • Cloned opportunities are grouped together and tells you how many are available in a collapsed view.

Automatic Approval:

  • You can enable the “First come, first served” feature. This allows an available opportunity to get automatically approved for the students.

Mentored Projects:

  • Students report hours, instead of checking in and out.

  • Mentors receive a weekly email summarizing student hours, and can be implemented for any opportunity during experience set up.

Mentor Verification:

  • Mentors with more than one student get emails batched together, and has a dropdown option to view each student, on any day.

Educator Mobile App:

  • Teachers & Coordinators have the same on app (available on the app store and google play store).

  • Allows you to log site visits.

  • Educators can quickly fix attendance issues.

  • Coordinators can quickly respond to requests, update custom questions, and more.

We have a list of future updates we are working on engineering in ImBlaze. If you want to stay up to date or have you or your students give feedback, reach out to us at and we’d be happy to help!

Check out the full walkthrough of the webinar here!


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