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Release Update: May 2024

May 17:

Owner Filters - Educators of regional schools will now have the ability to filter Opportunities by their Owner school. This is a new filter category under the 'Other filters' in the Opportunity tab.

Bug fix for attendance alerts - Attendance alert for the current date used to be shown in the Educator Home Page before the scheduled time. It will now be shown as an alert only 30 minutes past the scheduled time.

In addition to the above, we've been facing an issue in the past, where users would receive Reset password emails from the Educator community, when the expectation is all Welcome emails / reset passwords etc is from the default ImBlaze community. This is resolved.

May 6:

On Start Deny, educators will now be given the option to either Deny OR Deny and End Request. If Denied, the request will go back to Approved to Pursue state. On Deny and End Request, the request will be expired and the internship will become available again. On End Deny, the request will be set back to In Progress from End Pending. All these decisions will be shown as milestones in the Journey details page.

Previously once a student navigates to the details of an opp. from the search results, the Back to Opportunities link would always take the student to the Find Opportunities page. This has been handled and the students will now be taken back to the search results list with the search term intact.

Educators will now be able to select if time log verification emails should be sent to mentor via the portal. This flag can be set in the Mentor details section in the Opportunity details page and can also be set in the Opportunity wizard Mentor step while creating a new opportunity.

Character counter has been introduced for Multiple choice and checkbox questions in the Questions/Prompts configuration page.

Bug fix for project approval always being shown as Pending Approval in the attendance details modal.

Bug fix for custom answers for Projects not appearing in the Attendance details page.

Fixed redirection issues on Remove opportunity.

Code improvements done on Publish Opportunity

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