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From A La Carte to All You Can Eat

For the last few years we’ve offered ‘virtual coaching sessions’ as a support package, where programs could purchase individual sessions to cover their ImBlaze training and support. In reflection, we’ve found two things: First, our team wanted to do whatever a program needed in order to be successful. Second, we found that it is difficult for programs to predict what support they need in advance. This has led us to the following approach:

In 2023-24 we’re adding a base package of unlimited product support to all our contracts and offering two additional tiers of support. The intention of this twofold. First, we don't want to raise our per-user cost. Second, we want to make sure that we’re providing the level of support that all our programs need and expect. This will phase out the a la carte virtual coaching sessions for the next school year (we hope this makes your lives easier, and alleviates any anxiety about reaching out for help!). To learn more about each tier, see below.

Not sure which service level is right for you? Chat with us.

ImBlaze Support Services + renewals 23_24 (1) (3)
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