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Reflecting on the Success of the RWL Convening in Massachusetts

On May 9th ImBlaze, Big Picture Learning, and Uxbridge High School (a champion ImBlaze school) came together to host a Real World Learning convening In MA. The school welcomed just over 80 attendees, including students (from both Uxbridge and MET Providence), educators, district and state-level leaders, non-profit partners, and mentors. It was a powerful day of connection, collaboration, and learning from each other.

Uxbridge High School truly blew everyone away! Many attendees were visiting for the first time, including me, and they were all incredibly impressed by the innovative ways Uxbridge fosters a strong, positive school culture and worked to Integrate meaningful real-world learning experiences for its students within the constraints of CTE pathways.

The highlight of the day was definitely how students were integrated into every piece of this event. Their eloquence and enthusiasm as they shared their learning experiences were truly inspiring. A lot of the educators In the room were learning about BPL for the first time and getting to hear about It from students from The MET made a huge Impact on them.

This convening was a testament to the power of partnership. We're so grateful to the Uxbridge team for their amazing hospitality and continued support. We look forward to figuring out how to partner with other rockstar ImBlaze users to host more events like this In the future. 

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